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How We Started

Ours is an organic tale of companionship, commitment and poetry. We are Marc and Antoinette, our dogs Brave is from Kenya and Maisha from South Africa.

We famously love Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, Wildlife, Golden Retrievers, Food and Travel.

This journey began in 2010, frequenting the same distinctive spot in Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. This ritual inspired an imagined life of making wine, sharing it with family and friends, taking long walks with our Golden Retrievers, and ending the day with our own glass of wine.

Our Passion

In 2015 when this distinctive spot in the breathtaking valleys of Stellenbosch went on the market, we were entranced and that was it. We were lucky and felt that this most beautiful sloped piece of land wanted us as much as we wanted it. Years went by as we continued to work our usual jobs – one Agronomic Science Engineer in development aid, and one Interior architect. For our work, we live a nomadic life across the globe always in tow with our loyal retrievers.

In 2019 life changed for everyone, Covid-19 affected life as we know it. Working from home afforded us the much-needed time to map out our ideas and gradually begin work on our passion, the business of wine. At that stage, the premium wine scene had gained traction in South Africa; passionate and nature loving winemakers and producers were changing the wine industry, allowing us to be part of the new narrative, focussing on boutique crafted wines of high quality.

We Are Wine

By nature, we are an experimental pair – we also have high regard for old-fashioned hard work, nature and humanity.

For us wine is emotional, every time we have a good glass of wine, we exclaim at its wonder because we are emotionally charged at that very moment by the experience.

Wine is a treat and Redamancy wines seek to fill your experience with deep affection.


Our Mission

In line with the many years of intensive work in the development aid sector in Africa:

Redamancy Vineyards endeavours to produce high quality grapes and wines respecting ethical principles and under organic circumstances thereby creating employment that will improve the standard of living of all the people who make our products.



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